T-22 Foosball Table (Designer Range, Full Customisation)

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The T22, a foosball that will bring lightness and originality to any room. Its soft lines give modernity and freshness to the furniture surrounding it. Serial numbered players in chrome and aluminum. Because the player design embodies our search for a more contemporary aesthetic in harmony with the football.

The T22 offer a unique opportunity to fully customise the table so it can become a true object of desire that cannot be replicated. With over 500 unique colour combinations and the choice of luxury finishes, LED lighting and bespoke logos, make sure you stand out from the crowd with the T22 Foosball Table. You can even use the T22 as your bar table by adding a glass / wooden top over it! 

Our designers imagined and created the T22 which contrasts with the rough shapes and brittle angles of usual soccer tables. Soft lines, fineness and minimalist style, the T22 will fit perfectly in your living room.

Our team of designers worked on an innovative aesthetic while maintaining an impeccable game. All you have to do is to have a good time with family or friends …